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Quality-driven homeowners

When homeowners who value quality connect with companies that strive for excellence, everyone wins. Best Pick Reports specializes in matching top-rated companies with ideal customers who will ultimately become loyal promoters of your business.

Get customer feedback

To earn the Best Pick certification, companies must achieve high customer satisfaction ratings. An excellent byproduct of this distinction is that Best Pick companies receive accurate, real-time customer feedback.

Our Best Pick Guarantee

How confident are we about Best Pick companies? We stand behind the work of these companies with the Best Pick Guarantee, which gives homeowners and companies an avenue to achieving satisfactory outcomes on every project.


Stand above the competition

Best Pick companies represent the very best of their industry. With a distinction that must be earned and can never be bought, only companies with a high standard of excellence can earn the Best Pick status.

Certifying the Best Home Service Companies Since 1997

Quality-Driven Homeowners

Quality Homeowner Targeting 
We connect top-rated companies with their ideal customers—homeowners looking for quality, not the lowest price.

Focused Mailing List
We send our annual guides to targeted households with a high net worth that have been selected for their likelihood to convert.

Fewer Tire Kickers
Price-sensitive consumers use Google or Angie’s List to compare contractors, but these leads are often just tire kickers.

Higher Conversions
Bottom line: the leads we provide convert at a much higher rate than other sources because we target your ideal customer.

Are You Best Pick Quality?

Survey Your Customers 
Achieve an 85% or higher customer satisfaction rating based on a minimum of 25 survey responses

Provide Credentials
Be properly licensed and insured as required by your state

Commit to Quality
Sign the Best Pick Company Pledge and maintain stellar work and customer service year after year

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What Best Picks Are Saying

Breda Pest Management

"Often imitated, never duplicated. That’s Best Pick Reports. Publications and websites today will tell you “We’ve done your homework for you.” But, nobody does it better than Best Pick.

What we appreciate most about Best Pick Reports is the clients they target. Not only are we surrounded by other elite companies in many different fields, but the clients that are calling us from Best Pick Reports are our ideal clients. This has been a difference maker for us for 20 years running."

Matt Breda | President

Rapid Recovery Team

"We have been part of Best Pick Reports since 2017 and I have to say it has increased our business in a very tangible way. A steady number of real-time, quality leads come in weekly and the conversion rate has been phenomenal. This is something we have not experienced with any other lead generation company, and we’ve tried many. Best Pick Reports also helps us save time and money in our marketing efforts and close more deals on a consistent basis. The ability to easily keep track of new leads through their lead tracking dashboard has been a blessing for helping us use our time and serve our customers more efficiently. Best Pick Reports has been an incredible tool for quality lead generation. I recommend them to grow your business."

Erick Aguilar | President

AAA Garage Door Inc.

“We frequently receive calls from telemarketers who offer us services aimed to build up our consumer base. What caught my attention with Best Pick Reports specifically was that our account rep walked in already knowing AAA Garage Door Inc. in detailed context. He explained only the best are picked to get on board, as the name suggested, which really intrigued me. “A perfect fit for my company,” was my initial impression, though I had doubts regarding how much volume we would acquire from Best Pick Reports.

Our phones rang off the hook, as soon as the books went out. We’ve received great feedback from customers brought to us by Best Pick Reports, in terms of overall quality and recognition arising from the book as a source. Since then, we’ve had to expand our business by adding two new service trucks by means to compensate for the volume derived from Best Pick Reports. We thank you for the opportunity to work with such a reassuring, and customer-oriented company. I’m glad to say I’m part of the Best Pick Reports family!”

Tammer Darwish | General Manager

BQ Basement Systems

"When you are in the home improvement business, it is vital to continuously capture new leads from homeowners who are looking for a reputable contractor.  

Best Pick Reports has proved to be a consistent source of quality leads at an allowable cost per lead. The homeowners who call from the books have already placed us in a trusted contractor mindset and our conversion rate from lead to sale in one of the highest of all our lead sources.  

The reps from Best Picks have been professional, helpful and responsive from the beginning of the launch in our market to present. We will continue to use Best Picks as a resource for quality leads."

Margaret McGonigle | Marketing Manager

Unique Upholstery Carpet & Rug Cleaning

“One of the best decisions I have made in promoting the name and reputation of my business was to qualify to be a Best Pick company. Educated consumers are looking for the truth, for reliability, and for a good value. Best Pick Reports helps my company find those consumers and helps those consumers find me. 

The Best Pick program is unique for many reasons. This company truly only works with exceptional companies and they actually do the research to make sure they find those companies. In addition to this, they allow me to use the results of all of their hard work to show homeowners how good my company really is! It's not only a great way to get your company name out there, it's also a great way to stand above your competition.”

Lawrence M. Rosenthal | President 

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